Montparnasse 56 s.a. (M56) was founded in 1975 when the company opened an observatory and restaurant on the 56th floor at the top of the newly constructed Montparnasse Tower.

M56 recruited Patrick Abisseror as Chief Executive Officer in 2002. An accomplished veteran in the international tourism industry, Patrick expanded the company's global reach by opening sales offices in the UK, India and China, in addition to existing offices in France and Germany.

This international expansion has served as the key strategic driver of overseas tourists to our sites. Through this vibrant global network, our firm has successfully forged powerful, ongoing relationships with more than 143,0200 tour operators in countries where we have offices.

Montparnasse 56 Group has 200 employees and eight offices in seven countries on four continents. Our attractions now draw over 3.3 million visitors annually, and our sites have experienced a 15-percent increase in visitor growth over the last three years.

2015 Montparnasse 56 opens One Liberty Observation Deck: Philly from the Top in Center City Philadelphia.

2014 John Hancock Observatory announces 360 CHICAGO, a new name, brand identity, and multimillion dollar renovation for the observation deck. 360 Chicago announces the debut of TILT.

2012 The company purchases the John Hancock Observatory in Chicago. Montparnasse 56 Tower completes major renovation. Moscow office opens.

2011 Montparnasse USA LLC opens for business.

2009 Sales offices open in London, Hong Kong, New Delhi.

2007 The company purchases "La Ferme aux Crocodiles," the Crocodile Park, a major animal observation site in Europe, and pilot site for Montparnasse 56's future plans for growth.

2002 Patrick Abisseror joins the company as President and member of the Board with the goal of driving a period of new and dynamic growth.

1993 The company wins the state-offered RFP for the restaurant and observation site for the Berliner FernsehturmTV Tower in Berlin.

1980 Jean Bernard and Jean-Paul Ferroud buy out other partners in the company and quickly make it profitable.

1974 Montparnasse 56 Group is created upon the inauguration of Paris' only skyscraper. The company is created to manage the observation deck and restaurant on the 56th floor and the roof of the building.

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