Montparnasse 56 is one of the leading independent operators of tourist attractions in Europe and one of the world's only companies specializing in the management of observation decks.

In addition to Montparnasse 56 Tower, which is the largest private attraction in Paris with nearly one million visitors annually, M56 also serves as operator of the observatory and restaurant at one of Europe's most prominent landmarks and Germany's tallest structure, Berliner Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower). as well as 360 CHICAGO (formerly the John Hancock Observatory) located along the famed Magnificent Mile®.

Montparnasse 56 Group has 200 employees and nine offices in six countries on three continents. Our attractions now draw over 3.3 million visitors annually, and our sites have experienced a 15-percent increase in visitor growth over the last three years. Each site attracts a return visit rate exceeding the national average.

Montparnasse 56 by the numbers:

9 offices, 6 countries, 3 continents

26 consecutive years of positive cash flow

40+ years in the tourism business

88% increase in revenue in 5 years

92% increase in profits from 2005 to 2010

200 employees

300+ private events each year

86,000 monthly web visits

280,000 Chinese visitors to Montparnasse Tower*

200,000+ family portraits taken each year

3.3 million visitors each year

Countless memories created

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